BEEF BRISKET  Select quality brisket smoked slowly in seasonings for a minimum of 14 hours and then trimmed, ready to serve, tender and cut to your taste
HAM  Finest smoked pit ham available.
RIBS  St. Louis cut pork ribs smoked to tender perfection with a blend of sweet seasonings.
CHICKEN  Huge 3 1/2 lb. birds smoked with a blend of seasonings.
SAUSAGE  Pork, beef, garlic and our special blend of spices, made especially for Valley Ranch.
TURKEY  Pure breast meat, mesquite smoked with a variety of seasonings.
SAUCE  The owner's "secret recipe." It has a "sweet bite" and is perfect for any barbeque dish.
CATFISH  House marinated, fileted and char-grilled to taste.
PORK CHOPS  Two 5 oz. center cut portions marinated, char-grilled, and garnished.
FAJITAS  Marinated, char-grilled, and served over sizzling onions and peppers. Your choice of beef, chicken, or shrimp.
GRILLED CHICKEN  Marinated boneless/skinless breasts, thick, juicy, and loaded with flavor.
HAMBURGERS  Fresh all beef patties char-grilled to your taste with the flavor of the outdoors.
SALADS  Fresh blend of lettuces, tomatoes, carrots, onions, celery, bell peppers, cheese, and 4 oz. of the meat of your choice.
ONION RINGS  Signature item. Hand sliced onions, double milk/egg dipped, and breaded in our homemade batter. So good you can’t keep them a secret!
BEANS  Pinto beans blended with a tasty array of spices, meats, onions, and peppers.
POTATO SALAD  Mayonnaise based with a hint of mustard and mixed with onions, peppers, eggs, and spices.
COLE SLAW  Just the right blend of cabbages and carrots mixed with a salad type dressing.
DIRTY RICE  Tender, spicy rice mixed with sausage and vegetables.
CORN ON THE COB  Nature's best, served sweet and juicy.
SMASHED POTATOES  Traditional homemade style, lumps, skin, and all.
GREEN BEANS  A house specialty cooked with bacon, onions, and a special blend of seasonings.
POTATOES  Pound and a half of Idaho heaven, freshly baked throughout the day.